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It's B-I-double G-ER on the Inside

by cubik cubik
This design was already on sale! Sold 11 Feb 2013 - 13 Feb 2013!
It's B-I-double G-ER on the Inside
"Over the last several months Doctor Pooh has been away and unfortunately suffered a CATastrophic accident. BUT AS YOU KNOW… this is not the end of the Timelord of little brain… he has regenerated.

Being a close friend of the previous generation, he’s kindly sent me a pic of his re-generation’s body…

I have to warn you though… He’s ginger (which I get the impression he quite likes)!

So without further ramblings, may I introduce ‘Doctor Hu-huh-huh-Whooo’…

Oh, and he’s asked me to tell you… “It’s Tigger on the Inside”!"


by cubik